October 18, 2009

Ghia Ash, msee, msbe, cgeit

Alexandria, VA 22315; 571-723-1029;;;


Area Features
Program / Project Management
  • Holistic approach and 360◦ panoramic view.
  • Delivery, client, people, schedule, cost, scope, quality, training, risks, vendors.
  • Modernization, transition (e.g., Cloud), migration (e.g., data), integration, organization changes, program transformation, technology refresh, COTS, deployment. PMBOK.
Business and Process Framework
  • Thought leadership in architecture, management and LOB’s development.
  • Strategy Maps, balanced score cards, drivers, challenges, goals & objectives.
  • Enterprise planning, program execution plan, business intelligence. BO.
  • Needs analysis, methodologies, requirements-systems translation, compliance and regulatory, strong analytics, and data mining. BPR, BPMN, Visio.
  • BPR and optimization, dash boarding and control, case management. Six Sigma.
Enterprise Architecture
  • Outstanding experience in services, principles, methods, and techniques.
  • As-Is, Transition, To-Be. Very-large scale integration. V-Model, INCOSE, IEEE.
  • Aligning business, financials, strategy, security and EA tiers. FEA, Zachman, DoDAF, TOGAF,
  • Framework modeling & tailoring to business, initiatives, mandates, standards, reference models.
Advisory Service to CxO’s / VP’s
  • Expert-level proposing solutions, communications/interfacing, strategy development, abstraction resolution. Leading organizational change.
  • Comprehensive array of business/technical consulting services. MOU. NDA.
  • Integration enterprise programs, investments, systems, databases and resources.
  • Development of KPI’s, risk mitigation and minimization. COBiT, ISO.
  • Resolving enterprise business and technical issues. Root causes.
  • FICAM, IDAM. Requirements translation, solution formulation, cards, policies/procedures, governance, RBAC/ABAC.
  • Data integration and identities exchange, accounts management. DRM, NIEM.
  • Market research, tools, systems, requirements, documentation. Pilot, POC.
  • Information, application, networks and cyber. NIST, OMB, GAO.
Product Lifecycle & Technology
  • Hands-on IT solutions formulation and development, functionality, system architecture, implementation, automation, integration. CMMI, SDLC, COTS, SLA.
  • EMR, CRM, ERP, CMS, Cloud, services, design, requirements, systems, tools, development, O&M, helpdesk, guidelines. ITIL.
  • Experience in Government, Security and Law Enforcement, Financials, Healthcare, Transportation, Petrochemicals, Education, Non-Profit, Construction.
  • Certification in enterprise governance. White papers. Documentation development. Publishable work.
  • Highly Analytical | Client Responsiveness | Top Quality Delivery | Innovative | Results Oriented.


Latest Frameworks I Developed

  1. Modernization of business Lifecycle management through Program Management Office (PMO) restructuring and functional alignment with strategy, priorities, IT tools (dash boarding and performance indicators), standards, budgeting and procurement, engineering and ongoing contracts/projects.
  2. Integration and management of Enterprise Content Management System and construction of governance, change management, training and associated business processes.
  3. 3-year strategic plan for business enablement, integration and deployment of Identity and Credential Management (ICAM) systems (Oracle and CA), tools/systems, AD roles and responsibilities (RBAC/ABAC), Windows 2008, Kerberos, PKI and integrated with Account Management and ongoing development of RSA Access Management for the enterprise. Compliance with Federal ICAM, IDAM, HSPD-12, NIST, DOJ directives, Security Technologies and alignment with, To-Be infrastructure, To-Be business architecture.
  4. Transformation of organization functions according to Lines of Business, Goals and Objectives, Drivers and expected capabilities.
  5. E4 Framework for integration and maintenance of very large-scale system of systems and development of its maturity model.
  6. 2-3-4 Model and ESLIM an end-to-end methodology for the integration of technical disciplines, acquisitioning, SDLC, management activities, vendors’ management (following Agile), Business Effectiveness Modelling, qualifying enterprise architecture and. Process definition and planning based on standards (ISO, IEEE, V, ITIL, INCOSE, NIST, PMBOK) and tied to organization restructure, modernization solutions lifecycle and requirements (US Federal Segmentation), FEA, PMO (portfolio management), improvement for IT Governance, and speciality/value engineering.
  7. Risk Resolution and Mitigation Methodology for Material Weaknesses based on materiality foundation, risk assessment, root cause analysis and controls remediation for integration between business units and central modernization authority achieving compliance with Congressional Government Audit Office. Compliance with NIST, COBiT, OMB, ISO, FISMA, DoD and IT audit.
  8. End-to-end management turn-key methodology for Identity and Access Management enablement and integration with its maturity model using Big 4 strategic assets and business analytics.



PMO Director A-Soft / Principal Enterprise Architecture, 11/2011 – Present

  • Initiated the PMO and established the strategy according to the priorities of the client’s agenda and line of business for improving the quality and rates of progress.
  • Established the lifecycle for projects, requirements for gateway reviews, security analysis, Visio business process modeling using BPMN and process quality and operations for ongoing projects and new projects according to established criteria. Planned and directed the process for site-visits.
  • Organized the project into 14 management tracks for 109 deliverables in 10 months and established the project management requirements for each of the 14 tracks, followed PMI guidelines for program management plan and established the PM templates. Directed work on workshop facilitation for training client personnel to spread the PMO culture and practices.
    • Introduced POC using PMWeb and Primavera and identified requirements of development project for pilot sub-project with automation / design and implementation of dashboard and transition to paperless system. Coordinated with IT, treasury, payment and contracting departments. Managed 15 professionals and coordinated with the engineering department.
    • Program management and solution delivery for CMS and business process alignment and governance. Realigned the project and established client’s acceptance and approval for the plan.
    • Established enterprise communications channels across department boundaries and achieved consensus with the executive management, VP, directors and professional staff. Conducted training workshops for best practices and facilitated meeting sessions with various department stakeholders for achieving alignment and assigning responsibilities.
    • Trained client’s staff on management best-practices, technical delivery, and structured the team according to the requirements of the development phases.  Defined organizational roles and responsibilities for the enterprise Web Portal project lifecycle including phase-approach outlining, decomposition and detailing, development of Action Plans, preparedness for information gathering and management.
    • Participated in defining the solution for eGov to facilitate the construction of Enterprise Architecture programs for the as part of e-Gov initiative.

Director Enterprise Architecture, NikSoft Systems Corp.   2008 – 2011

Security/Modernization/Advisory – DOJ FICAM, IDM/IAM and Security/Enterprise System Accounts Mang.: Multi-Phases

  • Designed the solution for integrating with NextGen network Infrastructure, Data centers environments, AD’s for identity management, HR, and CA Admin tools. Integration with RSA Access and Authentication Manager.
  • Delivered Account Management Evaluation, Functional Requirements, System Design, Product Selection Criteria, Interfaces requirements, etc.
  • Devised roadmap and critical enterprise requirements for implementing ICAM segment and outlined the processes for implementation and compliance.
  • Prepared Market Survey for product evaluation IBM, CA, Oracle, Novell, and tools selection by the client for implementation of IDM solution. Vendor product evaluation and capabilities assessment.
  • Consulting to the CIO’s office at the Executive Office in Identity and Access Management, e-Authentication, Identity, Credentials, Access Management (ICAM) and HSPD-12. “As-Is” of Account Management and assessment for strategy, roles assignment and account processes, security and recertification compliance, management of data, accounts, and role request across the enterprise. Analyzed and evaluated On-Boarding, Off-Boarding, Access Management, Provisioning, Privileged Accounts, internal and external users; interviewed users and stakeholders, collected requirements for assessing the bottlenecks and pain points, and developed a targeted solution for resolving the enterprise issues.
  • Reviewed the OJP security strategy, policies and processes, standards, guidelines and ICAM for devising the IDM solution and developed a thorough FRD for the IDM solution detailing the integration of the authoritative data sources feed/interaction with IDM for provisioning/de-provisioning users accessing the HR system. Developed the IDM “To-Be” system architecture, data schema and solution components (Role and Access Manager, ID Manager, Provision Manager, Workflow, Case Management, Administration, Auditing and Reporting).

Healthcare Transformation – Very Large-Systems Integration and VA Unified Process, BPR:

  • Directed and delivered the Re-design for Enterprise-Wide Unified System Integration Process for transformation of applications and systems development, processes, tools and methods of OED.
    • Led the effort for business engineering, risk-based discipline, and systems methodologies (using BPMN) for satisfying the business / technical objectives and developing technology and software, IT required for seamless transition and integrating the expertise of multi-disciplinary teams to support the VA mission.
    • Supported director and OCIO of VA HIT and Office of Enterprise Development (OED) overseeing IT budget of $150M and 120 systems slated for transformation to 21st century in Healthcare for VISTA and HealtheVet.
      • Directed and delivered the Re-design for Enterprise-Wide Unified System Integration Process for improving the process, tools and methods of OED. Prepared for absorbing DoDAF views starting from FEA. Provided technical and management advisory services for agency initiatives, Secretary’s vision and 5-year Business Strategy and Plan, development and implementation of new initiatives. Led the effort for business engineering, risk-based discipline, and systems methodologies (using BPMN) for satisfying the business / technical objectives and developing technology and software, IT required for seamless transition and integrating the expertise of multi-disciplinary teams to support the VA mission.
    • Engagement of System of Systems (SoS) and its constituent systems around to-be enterprise architecture, architecture direction with the FEA (business, information, services, data, technology tiers), SoS evolution lifecycle, and transitional architecture of transformed system. SM Reduced complexity of SoS system and business integration, system implementation, established alignment, assessed risks and recommended a roadmap for management and issues resolution.
    • Designed proof of concept and e-Business Model and Technology for technical sequencing plan using OpenSource for controlling project and management risks, tracking and synchronization of the processes, artifacts and milestones according to the ICM SoS business model.

Healthcare Strategy/Architecture/Prototype – Affordable Care Act (ACA)

  • Architected a prototype system for data exchange using MarkLogic technology that can handle data in the 100 terabyte and petabyte range.
  • Designed system to integrate with IRS infrastructure and data ETL procedures and policies without impact to architecture.
  • Defined the issues and the solution complying with the current infrastructure of Health and Human Services, IRS and Health partners using IRS multi-tier infrastructure and configuration.

Healthcare Advisory –EMR/EHR Deployment and Implementation:

  • Reviewed the elements of Electronic Medical Records implementation for 300-beds hospital.
  • Assessed enterprise issues with Epic, Cerner, McKesson, system development, implementation, and deliverables lifecycle.
  • Requirements for PMO, projects and program management, enterprise architecture, system acquisition, transformation planning and execution and EMR business case, ROI, and advantages.

Alignment/Advisory – VA Healthcare Program Architecture Support:

  • Developed 3-part Enterprise Architecture SE Management and Technical Integration Plan (600 pages) for integration with ProPath processes, principles, strategies and tools;
  • Reference architectures and models; prescriptive guidance (EA processes, architecture content, implementation roadmap, governance); catalog of deliverables and artifacts; collection of best practices, standards (ISO, IEEE, V, ITIL, INCOSE, NIST, PMBOK), and templates to assist in the transition to the Enterprise Architecture. Introduced a unique solution strategy, E4 model, process improvement and governance framework tying IT strategy and vision formulation, gap analysis, business case development, investment prioritization, and planning. Extended to SoS mission realization, systems architecture, board /milestone reviews, CM and value engineering targeting Electronic Health Record and product development to interface and exchange data with DoD and VA. Directed team of 13 professionals.
    • Assessed EA reference models for business strategy of VA HIT division; Gap analysis; Architecture Roadmap migration “to-be” architecture and developed maturity model for 100+ systems VISTA system of systems (SoS) and systems lifecycle integration methodology used for transformation modern HealtheVet.  Modeled EA and enterprise-wide perspective across business services, business processes, uses cases, information, applications, and technology, addressing holistically goals and objectives, all IT projects, SDLC and FEA tiers.
    • Mapped the strategic areas to requirements, program and process factors (e.g., risks, systems, investment, integration). Identified integration of program technical aspects with the overall program planning, business /technical using SOA and XML framework with Agile methodology, SE activities and functions, and execution tracking.
    • Developed the methodology to include the enterprise architecture, process definition and planning, Business Effectiveness Modelling, IT Organization Structure, modernization solutions, FEA, Zachman, TOGAF, OMB, A-300, PMO (portfolio management), Capital Planning and Investment Control (CPIC), GAO assessment and recommendations, improvement for IT VA Governance and EA, and speciality engineering.
      • Proposed approach for FSAM, SOA integration, development approach and methodologies, architecture and model reviews, and EA direction according to VA FEA.

Cloud Enablement – FHA Electronic Content and Electronic Record Management:

  • Transitioned client paper-based records to Cloud and enabled Electronic Records Management, case review management and business capabilities through full lifecycle implementation.
  • Business process assessment and requirements gathering, translated to technical requirements, to erecting production environment using Cloud SaaS model at secured SAS70 data centers and DoD5015 compliance. Oversaw the solution implementation, designed the operational processes, data upload strategy, resolved transformation issues and presented the solution to the client team.
    • Delivered the Management Plan, Quality Assurance Plan, Security Plan, Data Migration Plan, Chain of Custody Plan and Manifest, Process Transformation Plan, and User Training Guide;
    • Migrated the legacy data of close to 3M records, mapped the indices and designed the solution for ingesting the fresh and legacy data using one integrated UI.
    • Partnered with outsourced vendors and oversaw execution of the contract according to client’s requirements and expectations. Designed the solution following the client’s requirements and deployed on COTS Filenet and Oracle 11i.
    • Market research and COTS product evaluation for Oracle, FileNet, Documentum, Open Text and assessment of the operational model, solution components and capabilities;  implemented the solution, designed the operational processes, introduced the Pilot, data upload and transformation issues, user training; supervised the work of outside consultants and prioritized resources.
    • Performed due diligence  and evaluated  the profiles of outsourcing outlets; negotiated with vendors, evaluated capabilities, solutions, facility, operations, contracts, pricing, project scopes, costs, assessed risks, estimated labor and finalized SLA’s.

Healthcare Data Exchange – NIEM Architecture: Partnered with Intel in architecting the NIEM model, DRM and schema analysis to support Intel deployment of secure Intel Gateway.

  • Used the NIEM model for data exchange and packaging across agency’s boundaries.
  • Discussed the different implementation of NIEM architecture DRM using XML schemas and SDLC in following business rules / requirements and latest applications in Healthcare.
  • Summarized the status of the technology and the approach for developing data exchange schemes using the NIEM model for enabling HIE and Information Data Sharing. Presented the NIEM Model to audience webinar.

Corporate and Business Development:

  • Worked with CEO to set objectives and propose strategic plans and tactical steps for business expansion and revenue generation through analytical support, business development, capture management, service add-value propositions, aggressive proposal pipeline, client relations, technological opportunities, internal product design and development, and solutions / resolutions to client’s issues. Participated in technical proposals in SOA, SAP Netweaver, SOS, BEA, FEA, DoDAF, FSAM, BI, SDLC, J2EE, IT Investment Management, SE, Architecture Direction, Case Management, IDAM, SaaS, Security Gateway.
  • Started three lines of business LOBs. Led the IDAM, HIT Healthcare EA Program and Content Management Electronic Records and Imaging. In charge of IDAM activities, strategy and client support. Identified the elements for implementing an enterprise solution using FSAM and TOGAF within a management framework incorporating the vision, strategy and policies. Facilitated workshops for training on the new models and framework.
  • Identified, analyzed and provided resolution for internal and external factors affecting business goals, Visio business process modeling using BPMN, process optimization and value-add, operations and delivery (ensured project success with PM’s), enterprise management, administrative efficiency, unified IT supply-chain lifecycle, and focused on projects growth by follow-up work, partnerships with major SI around Washington Beltway, corporate qualification diversification, enlarging foot-print in Federal sector, resource acquisition (project scopes, costs, client needs) and marketing investment; analyzed impact on organization, management practice, project portfolios and milestones.

CMMI Compliance: Implemented CMMI (level 2 ver. 1.2) processes and enabled Business Process Redesign and Business Continuity Management.

Publishing: Submitted SOS maturity model to DoD CrossTalk Journal (accepted for publication).

Webinar: Presented with Intel Corp NIEM Model and Intel Gateway 60 Days Deployment.

Manager, Big 4       2006 – 2008

Security/Integration/Development/Delivery – IDAM Enterprise Access System

  • Developed business and system architecture defining on-boarding, off-boarding and business cases for provisioning and access management and integration with Authoritative datasources. Implementation of solution using Sun Microsystem and Maxware.
  • Assessed requirements criteria for IDM, virtual directory, data aggregation and integration. Implementation of data tier with 3-layers for data manipulation and processing. Detailed analysis for the IDM business, architecture, and processes for integration.
  • Developed Architecture, Functional and Technical Requirements, use cases, Systems Requirements, Test and IDM tools review documents.
  • Inventory and discovery of systems and assets for provisioning solution and workflow following role-based architecture and methodology, consolidation of hardware, software and technology operations across TSA.
  • Market and tools analysis and evaluation for IDM systems designed around IBM Tivoli Identity Management, Oracle Suite, Radiant Logic, Maxware and related products and processes
  • Identity Management solution development and prototype lifecycle following IDM framework architecture, iMAAP and industry best practices for addressing business and data requirements.
  • Contributed to ongoing discussion about solution feasibility and implementation strategies in relation to TSA To-Be Information Sharing Environment, enterprise services, Directory Service, and White Pages initiative. Strategic alignment of project activities with customer focus, project scope, SOA, services integration infrastructure, stakeholder initiatives and Deloitte partner’s service lines and investment objectives.
  • Reviewed HSPD-12 initiative, standards, technologies and strategy for practice development. Baseline capabilities assessment around HSPD-12 initiative, vendor certification, requirements and compliance, approved products and vendors, technical standards for Smart Cards, shared services, PIV. System architecture and service integration, enterprise issues, identity management security and integration management.
  • Devised solutions for Identity Management Turn-Key packages through a phased-lifecycle approach in sync with the needs of the enterprise using Comprehensive Shared Solution methodology and Big 4 assets. Developed IAM framework and IAM solution maturity model. Used for sales / marketing and commercializing IAM solutions.
  • Introduced an innovative Solution Landscape framework, maturity model and data tier specs. Including roadmap, deliverables, business added-value, architecture, functional and systems requirements, project phases, processes, tools selection criteria, data assessment, requirements gathering and integration issues and testing.

Advisory – Program Risk and Material Weakness (MW)

  • Introduced innovative MW framework, innovative MW Resolution Methodology based on materiality foundation, risk assessment and controls remediation for GAO compliance
  • Introduced root cause analysis using NIST, COBiT, OMB, ISO, FISMA, DoD and IT audit; modeled in conjunction with corrective actions plan for PMO and Business units for 9 MW areas and 5 in another
  • Including internal processes, policies and procedures, governance, ITGC, system integration, business continuity and configuration, and external vendors implementing CMMI. Control testing, Plan of Action and Milestones (POA&M), third party Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) and Interconnection Security Agreement (ISA)
  • Submitted to CIO, ACIO, CFO, directors of compliance, cyber security PMO

Delivery/Transformation – Program Process Improvement and Re-engineering

  • Designed and delivered Business Intelligence system using Business Objects and Crystal Reports for automation, planning and data sources mining, collaboration and system architecture, shared-values group activities, controls, business and system risk profiling.
  • Introduced innovative risk-based model for process enhancement, dashboarding, metrics, efficiency and effectiveness, using methodologies and risk maps.

Transformation – Compliance, Strategic Business Growth / Trusted Advisor

  • Developed plan for servicing clients, marketing and targeting new clients at the C-Level suite including IT transformation, leadership, governance, sourcing, measurement, organization structure, and global IT  management
  • Including innovative solution framework, business effectiveness, business modeling, impact on process, cost, operations, and federal enterprise architecture
  • Submitted to CEO business strategy for conducting business in Vietnam
  • Wrote innovative / submitted to Thought Leadership Group strategic plan for restructuring, growth;
  • Including business model aligning business, human capital, markets and Deloitte’s strategic initiatives;
  • Business expansion new initiatives, standards, technologies.  Including: baseline capabilities assessment, strategic positioning, engagements, gap mapping; HSPD-12 vendor certification, requirements and compliance, approved products and vendors, technical standards for Smart Cards, shared services, and process requirements
  • Proposals: Participated in proposal strategy brain storming and proposal management working group; provided support for business unit, technical and management sections, process design and mapping, Deloitte’s frameworks; Wrote project proposals for federal agencies around security services, architecture, identity management and organization assessment.
  • Succeeded in acquiring the Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) approval for client using two Patents from MIT and University of Illinois for medical use and patient monitoring.

Program Office Operations – Systems Dev Manager, Computer Sciences Corp   2001 – 2006

Metrics/ Delivery – Program Management Leadership

  • Operational and development recorded success inworking with office of CIO for two national systems and complex high-profile national program supporting 1,000,000 applications per year, serving more than 30,000 customers per month across 85 regions with about 13,000 users
  • Reputation for consistent diligence in meeting or exceeding quality and project requirements, safeguarding system integrity, and ensuring the accuracy of corporate financial reporting; Achieved zero (0) defects for the past period; Leveraged the results for 100% increase in budget and led business expansion initiative with partners and clients.
  • Fulfilled strategic needs and provided single-point of communications to enterprise directors, business owners, review boards, cross-functional areas, system assurance, security, and business process governance with high client-satisfaction
  • Managed and facilitated solutions for high-profile projects: (1) systems transition, (2) system architecture update, (3) contractual transitions, (4) service centers and database migration, (5) infrastructure modernization (6) business continuity
  • Program leader in designing, implementing and integrating new systems especially web-based and security.
  • Translated Federal mandates to program, functional and system requirements and solutions; Structured policies and procedures; Collaborated with other business departments to minimize risks and ensure optimal systems performance.
  • Managed projects scope, timelines, resources FTE, financial planning and control, process improvement, deliverables, metrics, risks, conflicts, configuration management, schedule and budget.
  • Led all technical design-to-cost, impact analysis, business add value and lifecycle activities and facilitated meeting for QA, peer reviews, C&A and solution analysis following standard templates according to CMMI requirements.

Healthcare Accreditation:

  • Enterprise evaluation and transition to Joint Commission International accreditation following Zachman / FEA for healthcare industry.
  • Development of PKI and compliance strategies, guidance to healthcare provider departments and executive management for establishing compliance. Reporting to CEO and CFO about progress and system and governance strategy modifications.

Modernization – Architecture / Enterprise

  • Key role in system architecture performance evaluation, updates: interfaces, interoperability, functionality and deployment
  • Requirements development, functional decomposition, systems requirements; developed functional and technical architecture; including Data Flow Diagrams, Process Models, data dictionary, user cases, business and data architecture
  • Started initiative for business expansion and consulted with IBM partners and CSC clients
  • Looked at Zachman, FEAF, DoDAF and EA frameworks and conceptualized solution architecture
  • Wrote white paper Web Services and SOA contribution to business agility;

Enablement- Security and Application Development

  • Managed and led application development projects including architecture, security, databases, networking, servers, applications, and configuration; Expertise in leading teams through all stages of system development lifecycle, related risk and mitigation. Developed web application solutions including Oracle backend enhancing performance & maintainability
  • First in program to architect and integrate new DHS web-based, enterprise information security and systems including security access control
  • Access control, single-session and password management, Data encryption, Identification and Authentication, Accountability and Audit trails, Role-based design functionality, deployment, FISMA requirements, information security
  • Enhanced performance and security without degrading maintainability or scalability; Other development projects
  • Working on application development prototype using J2EE and Struts using IBM Websphere and Rational technology

Process – Systems Engineering Functions

  • Performed technical planning, systems integration, verification and validation, cost and risk analysis, troubleshooting and analysis for total systems, transition, migration, upgrade, database issues. Included: gathering requirements, concept design, estimates, system phases upgrades, prototyping, impact analysis, execution and development, testing, installation, operation, maintenance and disposal, process assurance cycle- PAC under CMMI 3, SDLC and other standards. Wrote guidelines.
  • Suggested methods and procedures to be used on new assignments. Interacted with business units concerning several functional areas, divisions, and/or customers.  Considered solutions and prototype development
  • Routinely engaged with national service centers tech staff, users, web group, database group, network and helpdesk groups

Infrastructure Support

  • Member of Enterprise system engineering transitions, contractors’ migration and acquisitions team for interfaces, interoperability, network patterns, software, hardware, and functionality.  Dealt with cross-functional requirements.
  • Establishes and recommends changes to policies which affect subordinate organization(s). Supervised team of multi-disciplinary personnel to ensure congruence of the various hardware, software, communications and interfaces. Provided technical direction, leadership, and training of less experienced staff.
  • Evaluated requirements against hardware, database, storage and performance needs
  • Web servers platform migration, Network servers migration and Interface reconfiguration.


VP, Director, Tech Lead, Programmer Analyst IV, Network Admin, Supervisor, Several Organizations

  • Development of ERP modules for management, planning, GL, budget, inventory, security, meeting/planning/resources, scheduling, incident tracking, A/P, A/R and interfacing to financial packages.
  • Data mining and reporting to Congress for USAID for projects and budget of 40 countries.
  • Development of Web portals, CRM product configuration and installment.
  • Management of service desk and helpdesk support.
  • Management of networks and LANs.


  • MS, Electrical Engineering, University of Pennsylvania
  • MS, Biomedical Engineering, Worcester Polytechnic
  • BS, Physics and Minor in Math

Certification and Membership

  • CGEIT, Certified Governance for Enterprise IT, ISACA
  • International Association for Software Architects
  • Co-Founder of HSPD-12 Deloitte Working Group
  • Previous Member of Identity and Access Management Center of Excellence (Special Interest Group)
  • Previous Member of Deloitte Thought Leadership Group


  • Enterprise Architecture Frameworks
  • Sun Java Identity Management
  • Oracle Identity and Access Management – Rapid Immersion Program
  • IBM Tivoli Identity Management; IBM Tivoli Directory Integrator
  • SAP Security
  • Server Foundation Securing IT Systems Against Threats
  • Systems Architecture
  • Webs Services IBM Websphere
  • IBM Business Process Execution Language – BPEL
  • IT Project Cost Analysis and Estimation
  • .Net Architecture & J2EE Architecture
  • Business, Management & Leadership Best Practices
  • IBM Rational Rose Unified Process
  • CMMI Fundamentals
  • Deloitte’s Risk Catalog and Value Map
  • Various in Cost estimating, project accounting, management, etc.

Summary of Technologies

Architectures System of Systems (very- large integrated systems 100+ sub-systems), Systems, Enterprise (FEA, Zachman, TOGAF, DoDAF), Business, Performance, Data, Service Oriented (SoA), n-tier architectures in a distributed environment (Web portals), Component-based architecture, Complex architecture development (web architecture, n-tiered, client/server architecture, legacy integration, etc.), Data warehousing, .Net, J2EE, J2ME, JSF
Languages VB, C#, C++, C, ASP, SQL (DDL, DML), PL/SQL, HTML, DHTML, JavaScript, VBScript, CSS, XML, XSLT, Java, ASP.Net
Databases Oracle 11g, 10i, 9.xx, 8.xx, 7.xx, MS SQL/Server 2000, 7.xx; MySQL, Access, Ingres
Oracle and Data Access Tools SQL*Plus, SQL*Loader, SQL*Net, TOAD, ERWin, ADO, Oracle Objects, ODBC, JDBC
OS Windows 2008/2007/Vista/2003/XP/2K/NT, Solaris, Mac
Identity Management, Security and Messaging IBM Tivoli Identity Management, IBM Tivoli Identity Directory Integrator, Oracle Access Management, Oracle Identity Management, Oracle Identity Directory, Sun Identity management.  ITIM, IDI, OIM, OAM, Sun Identity Manager, Netegrity Site Minder, MS Site Server, LDAP/Active Server Directories, SSL, TOKEN technology, Encryption, Policy, PKI, Biztalk, Websphere (BPEL)
OO Dev, Web and Design Tools Enterprise Architecture (Popkin), IDE’s (MS Visual Studio, Eclipse, NetBeans), IBM RUP, DOORS, Websphere Application Server (XDE), Rational Rose, UML, Visio; Dream Weaver, ColdFusion, FrontPage, MTS, IIS, Index, Site server, eCommerce
Configuration Management Serena (Version Manager, Tracker), Rational ClearCase, MS Source Safe, Beyond Compare, CCC Harvest, Remedy
Business Development, transformation, Program/Project Management Office, PMBOK

My List of Data Architecture and Data Solution Engagements

  • Data Modeling
    • Constructed the Data Maturity Model for the SOS and defined its stages.
    • Outlined the maturity of the data layer for each stage of the model.
    • Described the evolution of the SOS architecture and the corresponding data architecture.
    • Data requirements for IDM interfacing to HR and AD for OJP
      • Defined the data requirements and schema for IDM enterprise solution following the business processes for On-Boarding, Off-Boarding, Network Access, etc. with authoritative data sources feeding downstream target resources through Identity Manager and Identity Integrator and Provisioning Manager.
      • Designed the architecture to include the Data Integration Subsystem, for data manipulation, generating and managing the Enterprise User ID.
    • Data Reference Model (DRM) support for VA
      • Strategy for using the DRM at VA OED as one of the components of the FEA.
      • Focused on the relation of DRM to BRM and SRM enablement for deploying the SOA Service Common Architecture, enterprise architecture reviews and solution architecture for Vista.
    • Database design for credentials management and AD provisioning using SOA gateway product development
      • Designed the solution architecture and data model for managing access credentials and roles.
      • Guided the implementation of the solution using Apache and MS SQL on NetBeans using OpenSource products.
    • Data migration to SaaS for legacy electronic images and management of metadata schema for FHA
      • Analysis of extracted data from client’s hardware describing the metadata of 3.2 million documents.
      • Identified issues with orphans, missing data entries, incorrect indices, exact number of importable images etc.
      • Devised the plan for migration of the data to the SaaS platform and merged the legacy data with ongoing data following the same database and GUI using COTS product.
    • Data modeling for electronic financial records (EFR), chain of custody and search capability for FHA
      • Translated the client’s business requirements to functional and systems requirements.
      • Defined the data elements required for EFR tracking, search, invoicing, auditing etc.
      • Delivered the system.
    • Database design for technical sequencing planning for VA
      • Designed the model for technical sequencing.
      • Implemented the technical sequencing plan using OpenSource.
    • Database design and data mining for BI forIRSand USAID
      • Used native SQL and Crystal Report for data mining and report generation.
      • Complex data queries in support of congressional reporting.
      • Data warehousing consulting experience.
      • Data mart design for business intelligence, governance and data mining.
    • Data Layer for IDM data aggregation and adaptation and authoritative data sources exchange forTSA
      • Introduced the architecture and designed the data layer supporting virtualization and meta-directory using Radiant Logic and AD.
      • Designed the dataflow using BPMN and described the enabling processes framework.
      • Collected the requirements from different owners and vetted the solution with the stakeholders and delivered the product part of the IAM solution.
      • Addressed the issue of governance and data ownership as part of the TSA Information Sharing Environment.
    • Security updates on the session and access control, roles assignment, and auditing (2 projects) DHS CIS
      • Translated security mandates to FRD and SDD requirements.
      • Designed the new data flow and architecture (database tier and application tier).
      • Hands-on implementation for two national systems using Oracle, IIS, ASP and PL/SQL for stored procedures, triggers and database development and management tasks.
      • First systems in the program to comply with the new security regulations.
    • Database migration for the 3 environments and 2 systems to national datacenter
      • Managed the migration and database analysis for 2 national systems.
      • DBA activities and statistics.
    • Exchange gateway design for nightly data interchange for multi-vendors for DHS CIS
      • Design, architecture, upgrade and support for the gateway and the Oracle database to cope for transformation form single vendor to multi-vendor data exchange scheme.
      • Operational responsibilities during vendor contractual transition.
    • Database production support and update and incident tracking management
      • Troubleshooting of production issues and database stoppage.
      • Database upgrades.
    • Database design and implementation for Web-based system for many projects
      • Hands-on implementation of web-based systems using Oracle and MS SQL on the backend.
      • Full database implementation lifecycle.



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